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Event idea Turkey

Event idea Turkey

Wine tasting cruise on the Bosphorus

The Bosphorus is a winding strait separating Europe and Asia. Along its shores is a delightfully surprising mixture of past and present, grand splendor and simple beauty. The shore is lined with modern hotels as well as antique wooden houses, palaces of marble, fortresses and small fishing villages. The best way to see the Bosphorus is to take a cruise in a deluxe yacht.

As our guests embark on the private deluxe yacht, the boat will start sailing slowly through the Bosphorus. Guests will enjoy the Bosphorus breeze with scenic view of Istanbul.

After some leisure time on board a team of wine experts will accompany us for a wine tasting of 1 hour. During the cruise magnificent views on both sides of the Bosphorus will be some poetic background of the wine tasting as we taste delicious varieties of Turkish wines.

With a unique and refreshing approach, your sommelier will take you through a variety of themes to build up your wine knowledge. He will teach you how wine is made and how to taste it properly. Together we learn about the main wine regions of Turkey, the grapes they grow, the style of wine they make. Your sommelier will teach you how to read a Turkish wine label..

This tasting class is both informative and fun.


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