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Travel highlight Turkey

A personal interview with Hasan Dinc about travel highlights in Turkey

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F1 Race Track Event


Driving Day in Istanbul Park Race Track

Istanbul Park is built for Formula 1TM races in Istanbul in 2005 on an 2.215.000 m2 area. Today will be a speed day for our guests in Istanbul Park where each guest will experience the F1 Circuit Challenge by Clio Cup Race Car in the circuit.

When the guests arrive at Istanbul Park, they will get a briefing of about an hour for racetracks and then split into groups. Each team will have separate instructors and first drives will be done by the instructors for each guest. In each racetrack maximum 3 cars will be active. Tea, coffee and soft drinks service will be available.

Guests to wish to participate in this activity should have an at least two years old license.

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to receive more information or other options more suitable for your group.

 Lunch or Dinner at Istanbul Park


As an alternative venue for a group meeting or lunch, a "stadium VIP Lounge" or a "F1 garage" can create an inspiring environment for the guests.

The Stadium VIP Lounge which sees the start line can reach up to 300 people for lunch or dinner depending on seating arrangement. For more private and smaller groups, guests can be welcomed in the Porsche VIP Lounge. As a pre or post tour, we may organize a private visit of the vintage car museum or tractor museum or race control room.

We organise many more events in Istanbul and the rest of Turkey  

Cappadocia Experiences


Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Experience

A hot air balloon flight is unique from all other experiences of flight as there is no sensation of motion.

Traveling at heights of up to 1500 feet, the feeling is one of peace and tranquility. The earth slowly descends and rotates below you. Within moments after lifting off you become at ease while you effortlessly drift over the treetops and the spectacular Cappadocian landscape. It is like a dream to gently float over the countryside in complete harmony with your surroundings.

The deep canyons and lush fertile valleys of Cappadocia provide our balloons with an ideal playground for a unique and memorable flight; gentle winds carry us over places that could never be reached except by balloon.

During the Standard Flight Program, one of the experienced pilots selects the most appropriate take off site and escorts your memorable
flight through and over the valleys. You will gently glide through the incredible landscape of Cappadocia while your pilot explains some of the local stories and histories behind the different rock formations. Be sure to ask about the local folklore of places like Love Valley, the Three Sisters and Pigeon Valley, all the pilots are extremely knowledgeable and all speak fluent English. The flight time is approximately one hour, and the baskets for this flight typically carry up to max. 24 passengers. We like to say that everyone gets a window seat in our balloons and we are certain your expectations will be met!

Please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to see how we can customize this experience for your group. 

 Jeep Safari Among Fairy Chimneys


Cappadocia landscapes are without a doubt one of the most interesting routes for a jeep safari. These rock formations are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and during this tour of about two hours you will see why. Plenty of time to dream away in this surreal environment. 

P:S: Professional drivers will drive the jeeps.The guests are not allowed to drive the jeepsney hotels.

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Whirling Dervishes


Whirling Dervıshes

The Sema ceremony is a journey through man’s spiritual ascent to “perfection” through mind and love—a truly unmissable and astonishing experience of music and moves. The mystical ritual of the Mevlevi Order with the whirling dance has been declared a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity.

Whirling dervishes show are organized in Istanbul, Cappadocia, and notably Konya. Huge audiences from home and abroad attend the Mevlevi Sema Ceremonies held on the Night of Reunion (December 17) in Konya, which is the anniversary of Rumi's death and is recognized as the night on which the servant met his Lord.

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Champions League event Turkey


UEFA champions League final

The UEFA Champions League Final 2020 was supposed to take place in Turkey. It now is postponed to May 2021 and will be played in the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. We would be delighted to assist with all arrangements for your clients  around this event.  Please keep in mind that you need to register on a raffle via the UEFA website in order to buy tickets for this game - a maximum of 2 tickets. 

Please don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to receive further information about what we can offer for the UEFA Champions League Final.

soccer two
 Divan Vodafone Park


Divan Vodafone Park could be a nice alternative venue. Divan is located at one of the famous Turkish football team's, Beşiktaş, stadium. We may offer various indoor areas that even have sunlight and a Bosphorus view for each group size up to 5.000 people.

Additionally, there are wellequipped private boxes for workshops, VIP meetings, and events.

We recommend a stadium tour including press lounge, management hall, press conference room, locker rooms and the field.

We organise many more events in Turkey